Braces aren’t just for kids!

  Orthodontic treatment is for both adults and kids! In fact, 30% of our practice is treating adults! Adult orthodontic treatment is different than children’s treatment for many different reasons. Some ways that adult and children’s orthodontics differs is: Adults are not growing, whereas children are growing. We can use children’s growth to help correct… View Article


  Our Toronto Raptors are in the Playoffs and need our help! By sharing this post you will help raise awareness for their game tonight and give them the support they need! To help support the Toronto Raptors at the same time as our Global Community, we will donate $1 for every like, $2 for… View Article

Thumb Sucking: Good or bad?

As an orthodontist and new mother, I get a lot of questions from friends about their children and thumb sucking. Parents are often concerned that their young babies and children are sucking their thumbs and ask me my opinion on whether or not it will harm their children’s teeth. The answer? It depends on the… View Article

Invisalign: It’s simply another appliance

“Hi Doc, I want Invisalign.” That is one of the most common questions that is heard in an orthodontic office. That statement is very different from: “Hey Doc. I would like straight teeth and a healthy bite. Is Invisalign an option?”.   I was at an Invisalign meeting this Friday and was shocked at how… View Article

Missing Teeth: More Common Than You Think!

What? Missing teeth?? In fact, 0.2-16% of the population is missing a tooth, including the wisdom teeth. Aside from the wisdom teeth, the most commonly missing teeth are the upper lateral incisors (2nd from the front) and the lower 2nd premolars (right in front of the molars). Often, orthodontists are the first to inform patients… View Article

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