Why Choose an Orthodontist?

Happy New Year, friends! As we look forward to 2019, we are excited by the new year and our resolutions. Get more organized? Lose that holiday weight and hit the gym? Eat healthy? Improve your smile and confidence? These are many things that are on people’s minds as the new year gets underway. Some of… View Article

Play it Safe!

  Do you play hockey, football, or another contact sport? Do you wear a mouthguard? Though in some leagues mouthguards are mandatory, they are not as widely used as they should be. Mouthguards have been shown to effectively decrease dental trauma in contact sports, and may also have protective effects against concussions. Children are much… View Article

How far will you go in 2018?

Initial panoramic radiograph- maxillary canines are impacted 3D image on CBCT of impacted canines Clinical photo of initial presentation- typical presentation of a 9 year old’s upper arch Clinical photo of canines erupting after open exposure surgical technique Progress panoramic radiograph showing canines making their way to their proper spot Canines erupted to the point… View Article

Swap your Sweets for a Good Cause!

  Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year. Who doesn’t love dressing up in costume and going on an adventurous pursuit for candy? As Halloween has just passed, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that everyone has a safe and healthy holiday. Not only can Halloween… View Article

When Retainers Go Rogue

Orthodontists are experts at moving your teeth from crooked to straight. A big challenge is always how to keep them straight. That is why we recommend retainers, either glued in or removable, to prevent any unwanted tooth movements after the teeth have been straightened. On a rare occasion, a retainer that should be just HOLDING… View Article

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