At home aligners and orthodontics- A podcast!

Post by: / December 17, 2019

At home aligners and orthodontics- A podcast!


It’s almost 2020 and things are more convenient than ever! Want food delivered to your door almost immediately? Done. Want to know how to get somewhere quickest? Any number of maps programs will let you know. Want to know who sang that song from 1999 that you  can’t get out of your head but can’t remember the artist? Surely a quick web search will bring you the answer. So why do you have to go to the orthodontist like has been “traditionally” done when times are changing so rapidly?

The market is being flooded by at home aligner companies looking to sell potential patients (or as they call them, customers) aligners to make their teeth “straighter”. Note that they do not promise straight teeth, just “straighter” than before in a short period of time. So why would someone choose a “traditional” orthodontist over the “convenience” of an at home aligner company?

Why choose an orthodontist over an at home aligner company:

  1. You can meet with an actual orthodontist and have a discussion with them about your needs. What? A discussion with a doctor about what I want out of treatment? That sounds great!
  2. The orthodontist will check that your teeth and gums are healthy before starting to move them. With at home aligner companies, it is the patient’s responsibility to make sure their teeth are in good condition before moving them, and this liability rests with the patient who is not an expert in this.
  3. You can discuss treatment options. Want to move all of your teeth and get a perfect bite? You can do that! Want to touch up a few teeth before your wedding? You can do that, too! It is not one size fits all.
  4. You get regular monitoring to make sure things are on track. You can meet with your orthodontist on a regular basis and make sure that your teeth are moving properly as well as bring up any concerns that you have. You certainly can’t do that if you are doing treatment at home!
  5. You have a safeguard in case things don’t go the way you want. With a treating orthodontist they have many tools to get you the results you need. If things don’t go well with an at home aligner company, you have little recourse to make things right.
  6. You can be sure that your teeth and gums are moved in a healthy way. Orthodontists are experts at moving teeth. They carefully check your teeth and gums before moving them to make sure all planned movements are safe and healthy for you. If no one is checking your teeth and gums before moving them, it is possible they will be moved into an unstable position with potential damage to your teeth, gums, bite, and jaws. Once the bite is in an unstable position, it can be very difficult to recover it.

But traditional orthodontists are more expensive, right?

The level of care and service you receive from at home aligner companies is not the same that you receive at an actual orthodontist’s office (see reasons above). Your teeth are part of your body and can be damaged if they are moved improperly. You owe it to yourself to be monitored directly by an expert! Also, many orthodontists offer consultations and interest free financing, to make treatment affordable for most people. Orthodontists will also offer a variety of treatment options, and a more limited treatment would be less expensive than a full treatment that addresses all of the teeth and the bite.

How can I find out more about this topic?

Ask us! We know there is a lot of misinformation about at home aligners and we are happy to answer your questions. Our very own Dr. Tracey Hendler was interviewed by the Globe and Mail on this topic and you can find the link the to the podcast here / (see episode 11)

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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