Braces aren’t just for kids!

Post by: / May 10, 2017

Braces aren’t just for kids!


Orthodontic treatment is for both adults and kids! In fact, 30% of our practice is treating adults! Adult orthodontic treatment is different than children’s treatment for many different reasons. Some ways that adult and children’s orthodontics differs is:

  1. Adults are not growing, whereas children are growing. We can use children’s growth to help correct overbites and crossbites, where we are more limited in doing this with adults.
  2. Adults may have lots of fillings, implants, missing teeth, root canals and other complex things going on in their mouths that children do not usually have. This may change our treatment goals.
  3. Many adults seek treatment because their dentist needs their teeth aligned before placing restorations, such as crowns or veneers. Sometimes without this orthodontics before the restorations, the longevity of the restorations is very compromised
  4. Adults have different esthetic demands than kids. Many adults do not want to show braces. At Forest Hill Orthodontics we are the #1 provider in Canada of the Harmony Lingual Orthodontic System and are an Elite Preferred Provider of Invisalign.

We have many options to help you get your teeth straight without “showing braces”. Learn more about lingual braces here and Invisalign  here

We are very proud of our treatment coordinator Danielle who got her braces on today! She has impacted canines and was very nervous about starting treatment as an adult. Danielle really wants her smile to be improved, her spaces in the front closed, and to get those impacted teeth into her mouth. We are looking forward to giving her the smile of her dreams!


We can correct all kinds of bites and smiles for adults in ways you never thought were possible! Contact us to see how we can help you get the smile you have always wanted 🙂

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