Invisalign Tray #1 is History!!!

Post by: / December 22, 2016

Invisalign Tray #1 is History!!!

Well it’s been 2 weeks and I’m officially done with my first tray. Smooth sailing so far. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Always carry around floss and your Invisalign case. In a pinch, you can remove your aligners very discreetly. If you can’t do a full floss, brush and rinse, you can thoroughly floss your teeth, do a vigorous rinse of your mouth and trays and put them back in. You can purchase Oral – B travel floss packs that fit in your wallet.
  2. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wrap your trays in a napkin or paper towel. You will lose them.
  3. Your teeth will feel loose. Tooth movement involves a controlled inflammatory process of the ligaments surrounding your teeth whereby bone is resorbed and replaced (sorry for the technical talk). During this process it’s entirely normal for the teeth to become minimally mobile. If you’re at all concerned, ask your orthodontist to have a look.
  4. Your bite will feel strange and ‘off’. This is due to the fact that the teeth are moving to new positions. It is entirely normal.
  5. Keep your last set of trays. In fact, keep all of them. If you lose the current set, you can always go back a tray and not miss a beat. If you visit the orthodontist and he/she feels the trays are not fitting well, they may ask you to go back a number of trays.
  6. Wear them a minimum of 22 hours per day. It can be done! The occasional wear of 18 hours is fine (out for dinner, in a meeting, etc.). If this is done too often, the teeth will not move as effectively.

Oh and….what about chewing gum with your trays on? Three words: DON’T DO IT!!!! I’ve tried and it was a complete mess!!!!

I will start using Acceledent and then Biolux (they are mechanisms of accelerated orthodontics) for a comparison and plan to change my trays in 10 days or less based on the progress. Stay tuned!!! Contact Forest Hill Orthodontics for a FREE consultation today!

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