Play it Safe!

Post by: / September 11, 2018

Play it Safe!

Do you play hockey, football, or another contact sport? Do you wear a mouthguard? Though in some leagues mouthguards are mandatory, they are not as widely used as they should be. Mouthguards have been shown to effectively decrease dental trauma in contact sports, and may also have protective effects against concussions. Children are much more sensitive to the effects of concussions than adults, so prevention is key.

Forest Hill Orthodontics is committed to our community and to the health of the young athletes in it. We are now offering, custom mouthguard for children playing hockey or other contact sports in our community.

If you play a team contact sport and would like to arrange for your team to come to Forest Hill Orthodontics for a mouthguard clinic and get fitted for a custom mouthguard, please contact to arrange a time. 

Have a fun and safe season, and see you soon!

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