When Retainers Go Rogue

Post by: / November 11, 2017

When Retainers Go Rogue

Orthodontists are experts at moving your teeth from crooked to straight. A big challenge is always how to keep them straight. That is why we recommend retainers, either glued in or removable, to prevent any unwanted tooth movements after the teeth have been straightened. On a rare occasion, a retainer that should be just HOLDING the teeth becomes ACTIVE and starts moving the teeth in unwanted ways!

This patient came to us about a year ago when he noticed that one of his lower left canine teeth was moving out of place. His retainer had become active and was pushing the tooth so far that it almost went out of his arch! Thankfully he caught it in time and we were able to move his tooth back into its proper position and out of harm’s way.

If you have retainers, either glued in or removable, make sure that they are being checked regularly by your dental professional (orthodontist, dentist, hygienist) to make sure there are no unwanted movements happening. If you think your teeth are moving in a way they should not be, contact your orthodontist to take a look. After all of that hard work at getting your teeth straight, the last thing you want is for them to shift!

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