Transform Your Smile, Missing Teeth And All!

Post by: / October 2, 2017

Transform Your Smile, Missing Teeth And All!




This lovely woman came to us as she did not like the uneven look of her smile, and she was aware that she was missing 3 adult teeth in the front. She had 3 baby teeth left in place where the adult teeth were missing. Along with her general dentist, the plan was decided to open up space to replace these teeth with dental implants. Now she has a beautiful and symmetrical smile, and we all couldn’t be happier! The implants were successful and the colour and shape match to her teeth is really natural. We dare you to figure out which teeth are the implants…

As discussed in a previous blog post, missing teeth are very common. This is a problem we encounter daily as orthodontists and have many different patient-specific solutions. Even if you are missing teeth, either from them being removed or because they are congenitally missing, we are able to help! Often it takes a skilled team of the general dentist, orthodontist and a surgeon to get an ideal result in these cases.


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