Registration for mouthguard night

Thank you for your interest in our mouthguard night! Forest Hill Orthodontics is proud to provide custom mouthguards to the young athletes in our community.
Mouthguards are an important way to help protect your child’s teeth and can help with concussion prevention. Our mouthguard nights are held after 5:30 pm on Wednesday or Thursday evenings for our local community teams. Please complete this short registration form:


    Club name and location:

    Number of players interested in a mouthguard:

    Preferred day (drop down menu to select day):

    Contact information of coach/organizer:



    Organizer name:


    We will review your submission and will be in touch to schedule a mouthguard night for your team! Health forms can be filled out prior to attendance and can be found here
    Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting the athletes soon!

    The FHO Team

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