Self-Ligating Braces

More Comfortable Orthodontic Treatment

Today, an innovative clinical technology called Self-Ligation makes orthodontic treatment more efficient and comfortable than ever before. Our office is at the forefront of practices around the world offering this great new therapy to our patients. We offer this treatment on both the outside and insides of the teeth, and in both metal and clear options!

Main Benefits of Self Ligating Braces:

Better Oral Hygiene

Self ligating braces are cleaner than traditional braces where you need elastics to hold in the wire, leading to better oral hygiene.

More Gentle, Efficient Treatment

Since the wire is held in by the brace itself, the wires are continuously active making treatment more efficient. This leads to a more constant and gentle force being applied to the teeth, leading to reduced treatment times and more patient comfort.

Fewer, Shorter Office Visits

Since Self Ligation appliances work more efficiently and require fewer adjustments, your orthodontic treatment will require fewer office visits than in the past. It is also faster to take the wire in and out, compared to traditional braces. For the patient, this means your braces experience will be more comfortable and convenient.

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